Introduction to Bridge

We offer two introductory courses: EasyBridge! 1 and Beginning Bridge Using 2 Over 1.


We offer EasyBridge! 1 twice per year: the first in February or March and the second in mid to late August. For these classes, we follow the Easybridge! Curriculum, a 15-week course created by Edith McMullin. This class is designed for NOVICE players, those who have not played in many years or those who have never played. 

The first 4 lessons are free. Starting with Week 4, students will play an ACBL (American Contract Bridge League) sanctioned game and begin competing for Masterpoints – the currency of the ACBL and the way in which players measure their progress. Starting Week 5, the cost of each session is $3 per student, which covers our table fees to the ACBL. These classes are fun and challenging, allowing you to exercise your brain and make new friends!

Note: EasyBridge students with previous bridge experience who have earned Masterpoints must have under 20 total points to start the EasyBridge class.  

Day/Time: TBD
Presenter: Bronze Life Master Steve Powers

Winter-Spring 2024 Easybridge Schedule

Beginning Bridge Using 2 Over 1

We periodically offer a course using Jim Ricker’s Beginning Bridge Using 2 Over 1. This 17 lesson course is also designed for people new to bridge, novice players and players who have been away from bridge for many years. It offers many of the same bidding topics offered in the EasyBridge! 1 class, but is a bit more in-depth and it transitions into the 2 Over 1 Game Force bidding system used by many players throughout North America.

Day/Time: Tuesdays 5:30 PM, starting February 20, 2024
Instructor: Bronze Life Master Barbara Gardner