Intermediate Bridge

Intermediate lessons

Lessons are offered Mondays at 11 AM by Ruby Life Master Barbara Holloway. $5 per class

Beyond Beginning Bridge Using 2 Over 1

This course is a follow-on based on Jim Ricker’s 2nd book. It is designed for students who have been through Beginning Bridge Using 2 Over 1 or for intermediate players who have already learned the 2 Over 1 Game Force System and want to advance their game further. Prospective students should have developed enough experience to have fairly fully integrated the concepts of the system into their game.  For Beyond Beginning Bridge Using 2 Over 1, the targeted player level is 50‐300 Masterpoints. There are 13 Lessons in this course.

Day/Time: Saturdays 11:45 AM
Instructor: Bronze Life Master Barbara Gardner


Diamond Life Master Dr Ray Zekauskas offers free presentations on various topics on Mondays at 5:30 PM and Fridays at 10 AM.